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Dreams of Ourselves

Dreams of Ourselves

Dreams of Ourselves

98,00 EUR

Exclusive novellas and stories by Quentin S. Crisp, Jonathan Wood, Mark Valentine, Adam S. Cantwell,
Colin Insole, John Howard, Avalon Brantley, Damian Murphy, Rhys Hughes, Andrew Condous and D.P. Watt!

All stories are published under Pessoa heteronyms, chosen by the authors themselves. In other words, you will have to guess which story is written by Quentin Crisp and which by Colin Insole, for example.
For those not in mood of playing games, at the end of the book there is a sealed black envelope. You open it and inside you will find the key to the puzzle, a page of fine paper with the real names of the writers and their stories.

That Nothing Human Scorn by Raphael Baldaya
Petseta by Sebastian Knight
We Are All Words by Burton Donald-Wickham Hallam
The Apostatical Ascetic by Alexander Search
A Body of Nostalgia with a Soul of Foam by Unknown
Le Panopticon de le Chevalier de Pas by Chevalier de Pas
Mr. S and Doctor S. by Horace James Faber
The Man We All Imagined I Might Have Been by Emmanuel Golding
A Sea Sorrow in Triptych by A.A. Crosse
The Sublime Voyage of Ariana Aragão by Efbeedee Pasha
Under Different Stars by Navas

The book features stunning artwork by Richard Skelton of Corbel Stone Press!

Limited to 140 numbered exemplars of which 110 copies only are for sale, 286 pages lithographically printed, hand-sewn cloth binding, dustjacket, silk bookmark, illustrated endpapers, color frontispiece.

98.00 Euro (including trackable worldwide airmail shipping which starts toward the end of November)