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Der Orchideengarten

Der Orchideengarten

Der Orchideengarten

18,00 EUR

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Zagava proudly presents the first ever FULL facsimile edition of the first issue of “Der Orchideengarten”, including all text, not just the illustrations!
Text in German and English.

This groundbreaking and hugely influential German magazine had a run of 51 issues from January 1919 until November 1921. Founded four years before the American magazine Weird Tales was initiated in March 1923, “Der Orchideengarten” is considered to be the world’s first fantasy magazine.

The wonderful Helen Grant has translated the surreal texts which are uniquely bound into the volume making it possible to read both the German original and the English translation.

Price of this first issue with a striking color front cover, several black and white illustrations within the magazine, 28 pages printed on two different papers in a large A4 format is 12.00 Euro plus 4.00 Euro postage only.