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A Dead Man’s House

Avalon Brantley

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Status pre-order
Release Date 2022
Size 5 × 7 cm
ISBN 978-3-949341-12-0


They were occulted in jars and left through the ages in the arid dark of Upper Egypt‘s desert caves, or interred beneath time and sand in the wilderness of Eastern Syria, or excavated from third century ruins unearthed southeast of Sidon. They were etched into thin sheets of birch bark inside the cold wooden homes of Varangian Novgorod, or under a gongging sun - at year zero - in longsince darkened Gandhāra, or were eviscerated and disembowelled by cenobitic claws to be resewn into hymnals which ever since have hidden in the kennings of a thousand anonymous scops beneath mouldering folds of folds of velum and twine.

About Avalon Brantley

Avalon Brantley (✝ 2017) published three books so far with Zagava: “Aornos” (re–edition 2019), “Descended Suns Resuscitate” and "The House of Silence".

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