A Distillate of Heresy

Damian Murphy

Out of print


Status Out of print
Release Date 2014
Limitation 85 copies
Size 13 × 25 cm
Pages 141
ISBN 987-3-945795-01-9
Edition numbered edition
Workmanship Thread-stitched hardcover binding in illustrated dust-jacket, silk ribbon page marker, illustrated endpapers, frontispiece.


A document is missing from a chamber hidden deep within the heart of the embassy. We cannot hope to find it, but must seek it all the same. In our search for the unattainable, we come across a book containing 4 stories, keys for which there are no locks, unfathomable oracles beneath the icy stars.

The stories reveal images as perplexing as they are illuminating. A woman gains illicit access to a penthouse in the depth of winter and finds within its hidden recesses the keys to unspeakable mysteries. A ceremonial initiation is brutally interrupted, plunging the initiate into uncharted waters. The subtle alteration of a map affects a shift of boundaries, revealing forbidden permutations in the architecture of the invisible. A relic which resides in an impossible place finds expression in the dreams and memories of an enthusiast.