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A Trick of the Shadow

R. Ostermeier

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Status in production
Release Date 2023
Limitation 24 copies
Size 24 × 16 cm
ISBN 978-3-949341-45-8
Edition lettered edition
Workmanship Thread-stitched hardcover with an original etching pasted onto the endpaper, which we can see through the die-cut. The book comes in a sumptuous traycase with purple edges and a larger round die-cut. Signed by the author.


A Trick of the Shadow contains the extraordinarily unnerving ‘Object’ and the disturbing, Arthur Machen-inspired ‘A Tantony Pig’, as well as the novella ‘Bird-hags’, which in all truth might not be for you.


A Trick of the Shadow […] is a set of disconcerting and bleak stories, all set on the mysterious ‘peninsula’. These are compelling and disquieting tales, with an eerie surrealism running through. ‘A Tantony Pig’ explicitly evokes [Arthur] Machen, though all play on those themes he returned to again and again throughout his life […] of the dark glamour of weird rites, and the corruption of innocence […] the story builds to a moment of Machenesque dread and ecstasy.”
— Timothy J. Jarvis, Faunus: Journal of the Friends of Arthur Machen