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Infra-Noir #40:

An Ideal Guest

Gaurav Monga

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Status available
Release Date 2023
Size 11 × 30 cm
Workmanship Hand-sewn booklet, printed on a few handmade cotton rag pages with deckled edges.


An ideal guest should ideally not fall in love and remain throughout his life a bachelor and childless. The astrologer said that wife and child will not come easy to me, which is why I would make for an ideal guest. As much as I may revel in being an ideal guest, it is getting a little claustrophobic in this hotel, of which I am some sort of star but at the same time, a servant. I fear if the management changes, I could be thrown back out onto the streets to return to a ramshackle rented apartment, where I would write about an ideal guest only from memory.