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And The Darkness Back Again

Thomas Phillips

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Status available
Release Date 2020
Limitation 24 copies
Size 16 × 24 cm
Pages 200
ISBN 978-3-945795-31-6
Edition lettered edition
Workmanship Thread-stitched hardcover, affixed laser-cut 3D Perspex letters, black edges. Signed by the author.


“Like a gatefold album that reveals itself through striking images, text, screaming refrains, the stories of „And the Darkness Back Again“build and overlap. They strike a musical balance between chilling, phantasmagoric treatments of human relations and deadly foibles and the stark language of a 21st century nouveau roman. The collection is also a celebration of the genre that, for many, fascinates from a young age and never quite lets go. What Phillips has called elsewhere “critical horror” is displayed in these thirteen stories to affect tensely atmospheric, occasionally grisly paeans to the magical fears of childhood that become grim way stations in the adult’s journey toward fulfillment and extinction.”

The lettered edition is signed by Thomas Phillips.