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Archetypes – Traycase


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Status available
Edition traycase
Workmanship Traycase covered in black canvas, perspex window, copper-blocked spine.

Book not included.

About Florence Sunnen

Florence Sunnen is a writer and collagist from Luxembourg City. Her work draws on her philosophical background in order to engage with the difficulty of inhabiting a world of fluctuating boundaries. She likes to write about embodiment, uncertainty, physical and emotional spaces. When she isn’t writing, she teaches Luxembourgish online and leads a women’s book club in Kenilworth. In 2018, her short story The Hook was published by Nightjar Press. More of her work can be found online at Datableed, Mudseason Review, and The Learned Pig, and in print in the Brixton Review of Books. She has studied in Germany …

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