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Infra-Noir #38:

Death and the Bachelor

R. Ostermeier

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Status available
Release Date 2023
Size 11 × 30 cm
Pages 16
Workmanship Hand-sewn booklet, printed on a few handmade cotton rag pages with deckled edges.


Recently, I lost a counselling colleague. Although not close, Grace was a peer I’d occasionally socialise with at professional gatherings, and I acted as a reader for her articles on existential-phenomenological therapy, which she published about once a year in The Mind Field. Grace was younger, but as I’d trained as a counsellor later in life, she was the more experienced, and although we’d never been in supervision together, we often shared expertise or asked each other for advice.
Grace was unusual in that she worked mostly with men. There was a root to this – only child, absent mother, revered father – of which she was well aware, but in truth the uniformity of the sex of her clients was accidental.