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Shadows of London

Jonathan Wood

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Release Date 2021
Size 15 × 23 cm
Pages 95
Weight 170 g
ISBN 978-3-945795-90-3
Edition paperback edition
Workmanship Paperback binding, illustrated boards


Jonathan Wood remembers his oft-times weird and wonderful encounters in London in his trademark poetic style.
Flowing, emanating out of the fabled glister of an imaginary literary prize, this self-isolating pilgrimage traces the author's footsteps back into the dimlit past, accompanied by the knocking of the oars of the Double-Styx Charon across the surface of the Thames and in the waters of my mind…

He writes:
“I didn’t want to echo some of the great writers of the past in their impressions of London but I did want to sift through the dust and the after-thoughts of my experience, so that it became a spectrum of light and dark, perhaps the true constituents of a shadow, both in reality and in the mind and on the page. Somehow, I have come to this point now and shared with you as reader, impressions imprinted on my mind as if it were Letterpress. These ‘Shadows’ are figments of tenderest experience, sensitive to the touch and with no sense of ‘going back’. They bring my past to the ordinary present, seen through my eyes and hopefully through yours. In after-years, perhaps this tome will resonate with you as the ‘lived in’ journey of the author putting his house in order and preparing for the next journey and its hidden destination.”

We listen at the slumbering walls of experience for recognisable echoes of our past; we catch the pain and the pleasure, the laughter and the tears, the knockings on the wall and the deafening silence… (adapted from the Author's Note)

About Jonathan Wood

Jonathan Wood lives in London and is the proprietor of the Arbor Vitae Press and has written and published a clutch of sought-after small press works, including 6 issues of the esoteric literary journal Through the Woods as well as four volumes of poetry by award-winning Anglo-Welsh poet, Nigel Humphreys. His own fiction has been extensively published by Zagava,  Ex Occidente/Mount Abraxas, Raphus and Egaeus as well as literary articles for the Private Libraries Association and Tartarus Press. He is an inveterate book collector and an occasional book dealer, specialising in the obscure by-ways of literature, shadowing the London rare …

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