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The Black Garden

John S. McFarland

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Status in production
Release Date 2024
Limitation 199 copies
Size 16 × 24 cm
ISBN 978-3-949341-68-7
Edition numbered edition
Workmanship Thread-stitched hardcover in gilt-embossed linen, with silk ribbon marker, golden head- and tailbands and a frontispiece by Joseph Dawson.


The year is 1882, and Perdita Badon-Reed, a sheltered Boston aesthete, has just made the most momentous decision of her life. Having spurned a respectable suitor, she finds herself on the Mississippi River, steaming toward the strange French Colonial village of Ste. Odile to accept a teaching position at a girl’s academy and pursue her dream of becoming a stone sculptor. Of the many hardships that await her, the one she least expects looms in the form of Orien Bastide, an incubus, who has conducted his seductive and parasitic existence for two millennia. Perdita soon realizes the full horror of Bastide’s intentions, and that she alone has the will to stop him. In order to defeat the treacherous Bastide and save future generations from his predations, Perdita must abandon her personal ambitions, and perhaps her life.


“The Black Garden is literate and suspenseful, a complex, lyrical horror story drawn from dark traditions of Souther Gothic horror. John S. McFarland has created a grand opera of a tale.”

—Kirkus reviews