The Delicate Shoreline Beckons Us

Jonathan Wood

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Out of print


Status Out of print
Release Date Spring 2019
Limitation 174 copies
Size 19 × 31 cm
Pages 62
ISBN 978-3-945795-35-4
Edition numbered edition
Workmanship Thread-stitched hardcover, illustrated boards, gold-blocked front cover and spine, head- and tailband, silk ribbon page marker.


“I am here and I have hours to wait before I may take possession of this holiday flat for a simple fortnight’s pleasure. The journey behind me collapses into the hinterland of my mind, rolled up as the past takes possession, penning it into its cavity and alcove. The capital seems a long way off. I think of the oval frosted glass and the sound of my neighbour’s radio and the silence of the dawn and the work that has to be done in the unfolding unpredictability of the setting. I need to think carefully and to compose myself and imagine that the holidays are here and that everything is alright.
But everything is not alright.”
— Jonathan Wood

“The suspicion of a sordid sorcery is everywhere. It’s in the brassy beer, that English elixir, and the dank veil of the grey rain.”

— Mark Valentine in his introduction

About Jonathan Wood

Jonathan Wood lives in London and is the proprietor of the Arbor Vitae Press and has written and published a clutch of sought-after small press works, including 6 issues of the esoteric literary journal Through the Woods as well as four volumes of poetry by award-winning Anglo-Welsh poet, Nigel Humphreys. His own fiction has been extensively published by Zagava,  Ex Occidente/Mount Abraxas, Raphus and Egaeus as well as literary articles for the Private Libraries Association and Tartarus Press. He is an inveterate book collector and an occasional book dealer, specialising in the obscure by-ways of literature, shadowing the London rare …

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