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Infra-Noir #33:

The Fenland House

Derek Bainbridge

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Status available
Release Date 2023
Size 11 × 30 cm
Pages 20
Workmanship Hand-sewn booklet, printed on a few handmade cotton rag pages with deckled edges. With a drawing by Nick Blinko.


“This is my first visit to a counsellor, so you’ll forgive me for being unfamiliar with the procedure.
I must say the setting here is exactly as I’d have imagined it.
To be fair to you, I want to make one thing clear from the outset. I do not think I am psychologically ill, nor do I consider myself emotion- ally distressed. I have not been fundamentally damaged by the experience that has brought me here. But I have been close to something strange, something very strange; something that I do not understand and yet something that I find that I cannot leave alone. It’s apparent but hidden significance constantly haunts my thoughts. While not exactly traumatised by shock I find that my mind is disturbed in a persistently creeping fashion.”