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The Friendly Examiner

Louis Marvick

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Status Out of stock
Release Date 2021
Size 15 × 23 cm
Pages 197
Weight 340 g
ISBN 978-3-949341-04-5
Edition paperback edition
Workmanship Paperback binding, illustrated boards.

About Louis Marvick

Over the span of merely a decade, Louis Marvick has developed a unique prose style of rare elegance, complex beauty and a subtle moral attentiveness in the weird genre. After the novel The ‘Star’ Ushak (Ex Occidente, 2010), the novella The Madman of Tosterglope (Ex Occidente, 2013), and a collection of short stories and novellas, Dissonant Intervals (Side Real, 2016), he has recently written a novel in three episodes whose first two parts have just been published by Zagava.

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