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The Friendly Examiner 3

Louis Marvick

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Status available
Release Date 2020
Limitation 170 copies
Size 13 × 24 cm
Pages 90
Weight 235 g
ISBN 978-3-945795-19-4
Edition numbered edition
Workmanship Thread-stitched hardcover, illustrated boards, colour endpapers, head- and tailband, silk ribbon page marker.


“Buoyed to the heights of controversy on the tide of animal magnetism he claims to have discovered, and subjected to an impartial investigation by the Friendly Examiner, Franz Mesmer proves less sinister than his mysterious assistant Aïcha, who, gowned and veiled so that only her eyes appear, exerts a curious power of fascination over the minds of men and women alike. What mischief do the flamboyant doctor and his éminence grise intend toward Hippolyte-Fortuné and Fabienne, whose family is set to grow? And what is the role of Count Hranolky, the notorious Russian projector, who arrives in the French capital just as a warning from Catherine the Great reaches Diderot’s hands?”

About Louis Marvick

Over the span of merely a decade, Louis Marvick has developed a unique prose style of rare elegance, complex beauty and a subtle moral attentiveness in the weird genre. After the novel The ‘Star’ Ushak (Ex Occidente, 2010), the novella The Madman of Tosterglope (Ex Occidente, 2013), and a collection of short stories and novellas, Dissonant Intervals (Side Real, 2016), he has recently written a novel in three episodes whose first two parts have just been published by Zagava.

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