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The King in the Golden Mask

Michael Hutter, Marcel Schwob

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Status available
Release Date 2021
Limitation 24 copies
Size 19 × 31 cm
Pages 88
ISBN 978-3-945795-83-5
Edition artist’s edition
Workmanship Bound in finest French Maroquin goat leather, title shield embossed in gold, front board embossed in gold, hand marbled endpapers by Renato Crepaldi from Brazil, printed on luxurious Hahnemühle Velin paper, head- and tailband and silk ribbon marker. Custom printed bookmark. Illustrations by Michael Hutter.
Signed by Michael Hutter.

The lettered artist edition comes in a clamshell with a large perspex window, perfect for a frontal presentation on your bookshelf. It also features a signed originally drawing wich will be matted, ready to be framed. The clamshell has a corresponding piece of the marbled paper on its inner spine.


“The king wearing a mask of gold stood up from the black throne upon which he had been seated for hours and demanded to know the cause of the tumult. For the guards at the doors had crossed their pikes and the clash of steel was heard. Gathered about the bronze brazier, to the right there also rose the fifty priests and, to the left, the fifty jesters; and the women, in a semi-circle before the king, waved their arms. The rose and purple glow that shone through the bronze grille of the brazier illuminated the masks on their faces: at the example of the emaciated king, the women, the jesters and the priests wore immovable masks of silver, iron, copper, wood and cloth. And the jesters’ masks were open-mouthed with laughter, whilst the masks of the priests were black with care. Fifty hilarious faces beamed on the left, and on the right fifty dismal faces scowled. And the light fabrics stretched over the heads of the women portrayed eternally gracious faces animated by an artificial smile. But the king’s golden mask was majestic, noble and truly royal.”