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The Prozess Manifestations

Mark Samuels

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Out of print


Status Out of print
Release Date 2023
Limitation 5 copies
Size 19 × 31 cm
ISBN 978-3-949341-42-7
Edition artist’s edition
Workmanship This edition consists of a lettered edition, housed in a black clamshell with perspex window and an original drawing by Joseph Dawson in a passepartout, ready for framing. Large bookmark printed on finest paper.


Long out of print in its original 2017 Zagava edition, the book is a classic Samuels and a must-have for every serious aficionado of contemporary weird fiction.


This book contains the following stories:

“An End to Perpetual Motion”
“Moon Blood Red – Tide Turning”
“The Crimson Fog”
“The Court of Midnight”
“In the Complex”

All six stories — the middle one a novelette — are interconnected by a common thread.


S.T. Joshi wrote about Mark and this book: “He has a sure grasp of the psychology of terror, knowing exactly what hints and details are likely to trigger in the reader the sense of unease and ‘wrongness’ that is the essence of the weird. His prose is fluid, richly textured, and at times hypnotic, whether he is dealing with contemporary phenomena or those of the historical past. A number of the stories in this book have a kind of European ambiance, recalling the themes and atmosphere of such writers as Jean Ray and Stefan Grabinski. But they nonetheless remain highly original, reflecting Samuels’s own concerns about our hapless position in a universe we cannot hope to understand and enmeshed in societal norms that are just as incomprehensible.”