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Written in Darkness

Mark Samuels

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Out of print


Status Out of print
Release Date 2021
Limitation 5 copies
Size 19 × 31 cm
ISBN 978-3-949341-13-7
Edition artist’s edition
Workmanship This edition consists of a lettered edition, housed in a black clamshell with perspex window and an original drawing by Joseph Dawson in a passepartout, ready for framing. Large bookmark printed on finest paper.


These tales are apocalyptic in the truest sense - they lift the veil and uncover what is hidden. Europe decays, but the Bloody Baron's spirit will not rest. A lone yachtsman is becalmed at sea, and confronts madness, or something greater than madness. A condemned office building is besieged by the forces of transcendent decay. In the city of exiles, an unguessable secret awaits. These and other strange encounters, intrusions and transformations are to be found within the pages of this volume, Written in Darkness.