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“Bandit Poet” by Jeremy Reed (numbered edition)

“Bandit Poet” by Jeremy Reed (numbered edition)

“Bandit Poet” by Jeremy Reed (numbered edition)

58,00 EUR

(including trackable worldwide airmail shipping)

“Bandit Poet” by Jeremy Reed is an outrageously controversial memoir, about his life in London from the early eighties, which celebrates the brilliant losers and a life lived on the edge of the edge.
Called by the Independent ‘British poetry’s glam spangly shape-shifting answer to David Bowie’ Jeremy Reed is a unique phenomenon in poetry – a romantic bandit fuelled with Rimbaud’s visionary impulse.

“Bandit Poet” will come in an edition of 170 numbered hardcover exemplars.
It has 316 pages and will have a silk book mark.

The lettered edition will be signed by Jeremy Reed, is bound in a stunning fabric with a moire effect and bears an embedded mirror.

Price of the numbered edition: 58.00 Euro (49.00 Euro plus 9.00 Euro shipping)
Price of the lettered edition: 277.00 Euro (268.00 Euro plus 9.00 Euro shipping)