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“The Friendly Examiner” by Louis Marvick

“The Friendly Examiner Episode 1” by Louis Marvick

“The Friendly Examiner Episode 1” by Louis Marvick

36,00 EUR

When we remember the literature of the Age of Reason, we think of satires and essays debunking the extravagance of the imagination, or of projects for improving the material conditions of mankind. We do not think of the tale of terror. Of course not! The leaders of the Enlightenment wanted to dispel the darkness where monsters live, not thicken it—not magnify it. In fact (and this is not generally known) the editors of the first Encyclopaedia even took the bold step of engaging an intrepid young rationalist to investigate outbreaks of superstition, and to expose the machinery of charlatanism or the delusions of ignorance that inspired them. His first assignment: to get to the bottom of a ridiculous report that a giant blood-sucking spider has been preying on the inhabitants of a remotevillage in the Black Forest. Utter nonsense, of course…

“The Friendly Examiner” comes in 3 episodes. Episode 1 will be shipped in the last week of October, Episode 2 end of November and Episode 3 in the beginning of 2019.
When all three episodes are published, we will offer an illustrated slipcase.
Episode 1 has 84 pages and costs 36.00 Euros including trackable worldwide shipping.